Solving complex business problems

Our approach

We are one of the few Danish strategic communications agencies capable of solving the kinds of complex business issues faced by ambitious Nordic companies.

Adtomic products

We don’t believe in problems that can’t be solved, but we know that some are easier to solve than others. That’s why Adtomic products address some of the most strategically important issues that our clients face.

We hope the products below are of interest to you. We’re at our best when we can really understand the challenges people are facing, so if you’d like to talk, we’ve love to hear from you.

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International alignment and implementation

Ensuring all your colleagues are singing the same song, at the same time

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Tighten strategy

First we meet you and your brand, then we meet your target audience. And we get to know you all in depth, looking for revealing insights, and uncovering hidden needs. Because we need to know exactly how you can be most meaningful to your target audience.

Brand purpose and positioning
Corporate branding
Customer experience
Strategic product launches
Disease awareness
Content strategy
Brand activation & campaigns
Shopper marketing
Insight and stakeholder studies

Apply creativity and craft

First and foremost, you need to win your audience’s attention. And this is not won lightly. We apply every last drop of hard-won knowhow, skill and experience to make sure that you engage with your audience in a memorable, meaningful way throughout their customer journey.

Concept development
Digital solutions
Analogue solutions
Film production
Virtual Reality
Visual/graphic identity
Audio/visual concepts

Create awesome
customer experiences

It’s our business to make standout campaigns that will mean something to your customers. We also believe we have a responsibility to drive engagement and uptake with your colleagues around the world.

Omni-channel playbooks
Sales & core story training
Strategic events
International workshops
Global toolkits
Change communication

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